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Creating stories, attempting challenges and building with The Sims.

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MSSSC: The Search for a Cure

The following short story is my entry for this months Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by Lisabeesims. You can find the theme and the rules for this month’s challenge on her blog here. At the end of the month, please remember to visit her blog and read all of the entries linked there. After you’ve […]

My Super SimSelf – The Toddler Years

The toddler years, they don’t last long! Chloe enjoyed every minute that she had with little Sarah. Sarah had fun too although she doesn’t remember a lot of it, being such a little sim. It was a modest house, but it was everything that they needed. There was even space for pets! Their cat Mittens […]

Steampunk Cottage

Steampunk farming? Why not?! Have your very own steampunk cottage right downtown in the heart of Windenburg. Get away from it all while being right in the centre of the all the action. Perfectly suited for 1 or 2 sims and a pet (cat or dog). Animal shed and chicken coop in the garden. Also features a covered […]

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