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Creating stories, attempting challenges and building with The Sims.

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MSSSC: The Cowplant: A How to Guide For Beginners

The following story is my entry for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by Lisabeesims. You can find the theme and rules for the month on her blog linked here. At the end of the month, please also visit the link and take some time to read all of the entries and vote for […]

100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 48: A Donor Delivered

A few days later the birthdays resumed once again with Kimberly becoming a toddler and Halle grew into a teenager. Halle still helped her mother deal with the spectres. They seemed to respond really well to Halle, and they were always quite happy to do as Halle asked. The spectres were happy and more playful […]

100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 47: Hauntings for Harvestfest

The family was still being haunted by the spectres. For the most part they were not that troublesome, but when they did kick up a fuss, everyone in the household helped to appease them. They really liked to appear around special occasions like birthdays and holidays, and since there were birthdays near daily here, the […]

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