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Creating stories, attempting challenges and building with The Sims.

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100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 44: The Donor List Grows

There was yet another string of birthdays to be had in the household. Florence left toddlerhood behind just as Gary entered it. Dawson had his birthday after school the next day and he shared a cake with his older sister Brooklyn. For Brooklyn, it meant that it was her turn to move out. She was […]

100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 43: A Full House

The weekend passed uneventful for the Ibragimova household, with the exception of birthdays of course. Florence became a toddler, freeing up the crib space for the next bundle of joy that Tatiana was expecting. Elizabeth also had her birthday, leaving the home to just one toddler again but a lot of children running about with […]

100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 42: Spectral Visits & New Donors

The hauntings at the Ibragimova household continued in the background constantly now. It had  became a part of their everyday and they were now used to being woken up in the night or finding strange things in the garden. They just dealt with things as they came and everyone pitched in to help keep the […]

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